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Our Mission Statement and Core Values

Our P3 Mission Statement


Our mission is to Point people to God through evangelism, worship, and prayer;

Pull people together with transparent relationships, biblical fellowship, and compassion and concern for one another; and Prepare people for Mission through discipleship and prayer.

Our P3 Core Values


Our P-CUBED values are Prayer, Community, Unity, Biblical, Evangelism, Discipleship.

P- Prayer

Because God desires to hear from His children, we believe in the importance and effectiveness of prayer, seeking to align ourselves with His will.

C- Community

Because God desires His people to live in community with one another, we are committed to reflecting godly principles of fellowship.


Because the success of our obedience to the Word and the fulfillment relies on our unity, we are committed to consider every person’s perspective.

B-the Bible

Because the inspired Word of God is the basis for all that we do both in faith and in life, we are committed to the truth of God’s Word in what we do and how we do it.


Because Jesus is the only hope of salvation available, we are committed to sharing the truth in love to all people in our community and the world.


Because the Bible gives us a model for growing in the faith that we have, we are committed to relational discipleship.