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2023 Bible Reading Plan

Pastor: Derrick A. Bremer

2023 Reading the Bible in a Year Group

Reading the Bible is a goal for a lot of people. A big reason for people failing this goal is they simply don't have a support system built into their life to make achieving their goal realistic. At Denver Street, we love reading the Bible. It takes planning, commitment, and community, to live a godly life. We're interested in being that community for you. 

We've created an online place where people wherever can participate in this reading plan and receive the benefits of conversation, encouragement, and accountability on Facebook. To join our community of readers on Facebook here. If you just want to check out the group because you aren't ready to commit, you can use this link to view the group. 

Let's take it a step further. Would you like to have someone reading the Bible alongside you while you read? We launched a dirt simple podcast that does exactly this. Bro. Derrick reads the Bible and makes some simple, immediate reactions to the reading. 

Links to Get Involved

Facebook Community: Join group


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